Avoid Going To These Places On Your First Date

First impressions are everything, so it’s important to make a good one on your first date. It’s not all about chemistry and conversation, although it certainly helps. If you don’t hit it off on the first date, the chances of having a second are slim to none. Your first date is a chance to get to know the person you’d like a relationship with, so choosing a good location is key. The places listed are survey results from a popular online dating site. The list is ordered from places to avoid to places that would make a good date.

The first place you should absolutely avoid taking a first date, is a family function of any kind. I’m baffled that some people would actually bring someone to a family function on their first, second or even third date. The added pressure of impressing not only you but also your family may send your date running for the hills. Not to mention that when families get together, there is always some type of shenanigans going on and that could get embarrassing.

The second place you should avoid are dance clubs. Dance clubs are crowded, noisy, and full of guys looking to pick up women. The objective of a first date isn’t to see if your dates’ hips don’t lie but to see if they have relationship potential and if you have chemistry together. If you just have to take your date and your jazz hands out for a spin on the dance floor, find a classier place to dance – not a club. In addition to clubs, you should also avoid taking your date to a bar.

Moving along to the next location: movies. The fantasy of making a connection through an accidental grope when reaching for popcorn died with 90s. As I’ve said before the first date is all about getting to know your date, not sitting in silence staring at a screen.

Sporting events are also a place to avoid. Sports tends to bring out the macho alpha-male in men and tends to be a turn-off for most females. The mixture of drunk angry fans, face-paint and noise doesn’t exactly scream romance either.

These are the places you should avoid on a first date. The environment is the most important aspect of a first date. You could be the sweetest, romantic person in the world but if you go to a movie, how is your date suppose to see that in you? When you’re trying to figure out where to take your date, be original and surprising. Instead of taking your date to that awesome ninja-themed restaurant, try an evening stroll with street food and performers. Cheap food and a show. If you met the person on an online dating site, check out their profile to see what they like and try to fit that into the date.

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